Can Transit Time Be Guaranteed

The Essential Guide to Cargo Damage gives you an indepth explanation into the types of cargo damage. Global trade involves the movement of cargo in ships from point to point across continents and the vast oceans. Seaborne trade accounts for almost 90% of the global trade, and with such a volume, it is inevitable that cargo damage may occur from time to time.

There are several people in the business of trading, who do not know or understand the types of cargo damage, how it happens, why it happens, how to prevent cargo damage and what needs to be done when faced with a cargo damage claim.

Michael Vouge, warehouse selector, YourDeliver

The Essential Guide to Cargo Damage is recommended for exporters and importers (whether first time or regular), traders, packing warehouses, shipping lines, transporters, cargo, freight claim handlers and freight forwarders.

Shipping, freight, and logistics are all part of the dynamic global transportation industry.. Whichever mode of transport you use, even the most meticulously planned shipment can go awry either due to natural disasters or man-made errors.. Cargo damage is one such disaster that not only gives rise to product and financial losses, but could also affect the relationship between customers and their service providers.

Cargo damage may happen at any stage in a shipment cycle. It may happen while cargo is in the possession of the seller, while cargo is being packed into a container, while cargo is being loaded onto a truck, cargo is in transit by sea, road or rail, while cargo is being offloaded at delivery, while cargo is in the possession of the buyer. Physical damage is when the cargo is damaged physically or causes physical damage to other assets or property as shown in some examples below.


  1. The standard guaranteed delivery is a 5:00pm guarantee, meaning that your freight must be delivered by 5pm on the date of delivery you specify. The 5:00pm guarantee is the most common and most used guarantee. Another commonly used guarantee is the 12 Noon guarantee, where your freight must be delivered by 12 Noon on the specified date of delivery.

    1. When you are shipping to a retailer that has strict delivery window requirements, or a MABD (Must Arrive By Date). Missing these delivery dates and / or times may result in chargebacks of around 3% of the value of the purchase order. So if an order valued at $50,000 was early or late, you’d pay a $1500 fine. Paying extra for guaranteed LTL shipping is a small investment.

  2. Some will bury the transit time calculator deep within their website, when transit times are lengthy, choosing instead to focus on low cost, low claims ratio, etc. Either way, all LTL carriers have something in common as they do not include the day of pick up in their transit time calculations, nor do they include weekends or Holidays.

    1. Hunt Merchent says:

      Similarly, if the delivery is required for an installation in new construction or as a repair or replacement. For example, if you are shipping a stainless steel fermentation tank to a new brewery, it needs to arrive when the construction team needs it so that it can be installed and not cause delays to their build-out schedule.

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